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Literally my favorite line from the whole drama series ! <3

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JeA - “We Fell in Love” on Sketchbook

AC’s Family moments at 2012 MBC Gayo Daejun 
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2012 MBC GAYO DAEJUN | AC’s Black Room Interview
Translation Credit to BungeeBabyG

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2012 MBC Gayo Daejun | Adam CoupleWe Fell In Love

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121231 MBC Gayo Daejun Gain & JoKwon (2AM) - The Day I Confessed + We Fell In Love [720P] via KMusicLiveMBC

Kwon gave Gain surprise appearance at BEG 37,2°C Concert (121225)
video credit : dori1123 ^.^

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Dara forever pushing GD away? [2009 vs. 2012]

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DARAGON - 121230 Twitter Convo!
GD: “@krungy21 Darong~It was an honor to perform together”
DARA: “@IBGDRGN It was an honor!! For me~!!!^.^ Thanks for including me in an amazing performance~~~ >.< Bow!!!”
GD: “@krungy21 See you the day after tomorrow~~Be safe in the snow. 2NE1 is the best”
DARA: “@IBGDRGN Yeah~!!! Get home safely~^_^ Big Bang is the best~ Really!!! Good night~!!! ^.*”
*NOTE: YG Family is appearing at MBC Gayo on the 31st.